Nature's expertise at the service of the vine

The fruit of an alliance between the world of agro-ecology and precision oenology®, ALMAVITIS® offers natural solutions to address the concerns of vineyard workers.


Supporting winegrowers in the transitions they undertake.

Developing natural, innovative solutions for responsible viticulture, combining performance and sustainable development.




By advocating a global approach to viticulture, ALMAVITIS® breaks free from the dogma of “one problem = one solution”.
The proposed programs take into account the physiological stages of the vine, the climatic context and the state of soil life.


Enhance plant nutrition and make soil nutrients available by adding selected microorganisms.


Activate metabolism with biostimulants and limit deficiencies with foliar fertilizers, to help the vine prevent periods of stress.


Support the vine during critical periods, thanks to a selection of natural active ingredients.

The combination of these three levers puts soil life and plant function back at the heart of winegrowing management.


Our expertise

Faced with the current climate disruption, vines are repeatedly subjected to prolonged water stress and/or occasional climatic stress (rain, frost, etc.), impacting both the quantity and quality of the harvest, resulting in oenological challenges. By stimulating the vine’s overall metabolism and improving the soil-plant interface, ALMAVITIS® helps the vine to cope with these stresses.
To meet environmental, societal and regulatory challenges, ALMAVITIS® aims to help winegrowers adopt more environmentally-friendly practices, without sacrificing productivity. Particularly sensitive to the need to promote these approaches, ALMAVITIS® develops programs that comply with the majority of specifications for environmental certifications and labels (AB, HVE, ZRP…).

Who we are

Created in 2013 on the basis of its founder’s solid 20-year experience in herbal medicine, MEDINBIO® supports the agro-ecological transition with its method: the Aggregative System Approach®. Based on taking into account the plant in its overall environment, this approach enables crops to be integrated into environmental certifications and labels. MEDINBIO® has been involved in the creation of a dozen pesticide-free supply chains, and has just joined the scientific working group of the “Zero Pesticide Residue” collective. With the creation of ALMAVITIS®, MEDINBIO® is stepping up its strategy of supporting the vine and its complex issues.
Since 1895, LAFFORT® has been developing a precision oenology®, inspired by nature, responsible and innovative, respectful of the typicity of grape varieties and the authenticity of terroirs. LAFFORT® has always been committed to sustainable viticulture, as evidenced by its Engagé RSE (Afnor ISO 26000) label. The company is at the origin of many of the discoveries of modern oenology, and is concerned by social, societal and environmental considerations. Aware that the quality of a wine takes root in the vineyard, the creation of ALMAVITIS® is a natural step in our ongoing commitment to sustainable viticulture.



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